Moving Being

sKu-mNyé teachers retreat

Retreat with Ngak´chang Rinpoche and Khandro Déchen

24th - 27th July 2024
Drala Jong
Banc-y-fordd, SA44 4RY
Llandysul, Carmarthen, UK
sKu-mNyé (Kumnye) in the Aro gTér Lineage is a system of 111 physical exercises. These ‘massage’ the ‘spatial nerves’ of the energetic body – giving rise to extraordinary sensations. In these nyams it is possible to find the presence of non-dual awareness—rigpa—momentary enlightenment.

During this retreat for sKu-mNyé teachers further instruction will be given on aspects of the practice and teaching of sKu-mNyé.

'Dzogchen presents every human as being animated by moving patterns of energy – rich, vivid, and powerful. We can discover these subtle landscapes of energy within ourselves. We can experience their depth, and resonate with their vibrant harmonies. Awareness of the space of this resonance enables us to encounter dimensions of vitality that are extraordinary. Although these landscapes of internal energy were familiar territory to Dzogchen practitioners, they are not beyond our scope. Anyone who is seriously interested, and committed to an hour of daily physical exercise and meditation, can discover glimpses of the vast horizon of brilliance and presence that Dzogchen affords.'
from the book Moving Being on sKu-mNyé by Khandro Déchen

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