Yogic Song & Silent Sitting

Practice group with Chatral A´dzé

Sunday, September 24, 2023
9:00 – 10:00 am New York time
Aro Kha'jong Zoom
We will practice Dzogchen ’gar-dang—yogic song—in which the subtle
resonances of the dimension of sound can be discovered as a method of
establishing presence of awareness (rigpa). These songs function
through essential energy to re-establish our innate vitality. These yogic
songs are not simply dramatic and powerful, they are also melodically
beautiful – and to practice them evokes a sense of joy in practice that is
sometimes absent in chanting. The human voice has a multicoloured
natural potency through which a vast unequivocal knowledge can be
spontaneously apprehended. Singing is not simply part of a tradition
that has great richness – but an advanced yogic technique which
employs the breath to galvanise the subtle body.
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