Summer Retreat

Teachings and practise in the promised land of Belgium

Retreat with Bar-ché Dorje and Mé-sèl Gyalmo

28th of July to 4th of August
Ferme Château de Dourbes
Rue Auxiliaire 4
Dourbes, Viroinval, Belgium
The Charnel ground
gÇod (chöd) means ‘severance’ - severing the illusion that we are merely physical entities. By loosening the bonds of emotional attachment to our bodies, we are liberated from fear – the ultimate obstacle to spiritual realization. Through the practice of chöd we learn to dance ferociously and joyfully in the midst of chaos, horror and death – whether literal death, or simply the death of our hopes. The Essential gÇod of Ma-gÇig Labdrön is experienced through the Sang (secret) gÇod and Yang-sang (most secret) gÇod. Teachings on the nature of the Mahayoga, from the perspective of Dzogchen together with teachings on visionary practice provide a depth of insight into the Lama’i Naljor of Ma-gÇig Labdrön and practices of yogic song. Transmission of the sang and yang-sang gÇod Transmission of the gTérma melody of Ma-gÇig Labdrön’s mantra.  Empowerment of the Lama’i Naljor and yidam practice of Ma-gÇig Labdrön.  Empowerment of Tröma Nakmo.  We will go out in the night/twilight to practice.

“Through cutting addiction to corporeal form as the major reference point of expectancy; we become free, not only of fear – but of persecutory hope. Hope is often merely fear in disguise – a wretched demon who drives us with the whips and goads in the direction of needless misery. gÇod unmasks the false hope in our lives and we learn to live joyously free from both hope and fear.” Ngak’chang Rinpoche.

Ngakpa Zhal'mèd will teach on Dharma Protectors, especially his journey and connection with Damçan gNod sByin ’barwa Mé-zér becoming a minion of Dorje Legpa and Dorje Legma

We might introduce the first 7 of the 21 Sem'dzins of Dzogchen Men-ngag-dé, depending on who is on the retreat and the atmosphere.

Moving Elements.
A Dzogchen staring practice connected with the moving elements of water, fire, and air. A transmission of the four Da of Dzogchen Longdé. There is a river running through the private land.  Kayaking is also possible for children who might come.

Four Naljors
Silent sitting meditation methods of Dzogchen sem-dé – the totality teaching of the ‘nature of Mind’. These methods of meditation are unique in that they explore the fundamental experience of being human at the most essential level of our perception.

Yogic song
A method in which the non-conceptual sensory experience of the voice provides the possibility of finding the presence of awareness in the dimension of sound and bodily sensation. Yogic song is a practice of Dzogchen. The equivalent Tibetan term is Dzogchen gar-dang.

The five elements
Earth, water, fire, air and space can be understood on many levels. We will explore how the manifestations of our emotionality are linked to the five elements and how through transformation the five elemental neuroses can turn into the five elemental wisdoms.

An opportunity to take Refuge
To take refuge is to affirm your commitment to Buddhism. The refuge ceremony is a formal acknowledgement of this commitment. Refuge means that you have recognized the fundamental principles of Buddhism as an accurate reflection of reality and that you intend to live according to them. People are free to take this step or not.

Different psychophysical practices from the series of Dzogchen long-dé that have an effect on your life force, dynamic drive and enthusiasm.

Celebration and Tsog
At the end of the retreat we will practice Tsog'korlo and celebration.

The Venue
You can get an idea of the place here:
The forest next to the place is private and looks over the valley of the river and has some great spots for teaching and practice. 
The area is very nice, with charming old villages, hiking trails, forest, countryside, a river, a ruin of a castle with an amazing sunset.. You won't find a more beautiful area in Belgium. There's also caves and a canyon at 5 km, options for kayaking on the river for children with parents

We warmly invite you to join us on this event of ferocious enjoyment and fearless realism. Bar-ché Dorje and Mé-sèl Gyalmo are known for their easygoing and humorous style of teaching. They emphasize an open and uplifting atmosphere for practice.

The price is 580€ for the whole week, everything, plus donation, included. We hope to see many of you in the promised land of Belgium near the france border. It will depend on the amount of people who sign up if a discount can be offered. 

Contact for registration and questions: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it and pieterlogghe {at} hotmail {dot} com

All Aro gTer retreats are non-smoking events. Smokers are welcome to attend, but in accordance with Nyingma teaching, and Vajrayana Buddhism in general, we require participants to desist from the smoking of tobacco for the entire duration of the retreat – both on or off the premises where retreats are held. Tobacco in any form should not be brought to the retreat.