Meditation without sitting

physical movements that clear the mind and strengthen the body.

One-day event with Sang-gye A-tsal

Live - In person - Sunday 15th May

Public - 11 to 12pm
Apprentices 1pm to 4pm

Wild Goose Space
228 Mina Road, St Werburghs BS2 9YP
Bristol, Avon, UK
sKu-mNyé is an extraordinary and little known form of exercise. It hails from the Himalayas where it is practised by yoginis and yogis as a form of meditation and to assist with long retreat.
It’s purpose is to return the practitioner to the state of Rigpa (non-duality).
If we have not experienced Rigpa, it can help in many other ways whilst opening an opportunity to discover it.

For those who meditate or are attempting to:
'sKu-mNyé causes us to use our bodies in completely unpatterned ways. You may be circling your nose in tiny circles, keeping some of your limbs locked whilst everything is moving. So they disorientate. That is the nature of the practice. The mind lets go of grasping to strong reference points. This helps us to stabilise our sitting meditation.' Khandro Déchen

Moving meditational exercises that begin with visualisation. Ying'khor is an easy accessible system with profound effects. The main purpose is returning to the experience of the natural state but practised at the outer level, its secondary functions promote good health, vitality, longevity, and charismatic lucidity.

Physical benefits:
It contains a large variety of exercises which can be challenging for the fittest and strongest of people to forms that can be practised all the way into old age.
It can improve core strength, general fitness, balance, bone density, massages lymph and best of all, frees and relaxes the mind.
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Buddhist teachings are considered precious and beyond price.
Donations are gratefully received but not necessary, they are put toward travel and venue costs.

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