becoming a Tantrika

developing our practice of the Inner Tantras

Class with M-tsal Wangmo and Ja'gyr Dorje

Thursday evenings from 7pm to 8.30pm UK time starting April 21st.
No class on Thursday 2nd June.
Final class on Thursday 9th June.
Online on Zoom and in the room at Aro Ling Bristol.
This 7 week course is for anyone drawn to meditation and Buddhist practice within the context of a secular life of work, family, and creative activity. We will explore how we can develop our practice of the Inner Tantras of Vajrayana, including Dzogchen. Here, the essence of practice is to let Mind relax into the natural state, so practise at all times and in all situations becomes a possibility - whatever shape our daily life takes. We will cover: establishing a silent sitting meditation practice, mantra and visualisation, yogic song, physical yogas, studying with a teacher and apprenticeship, living the view as a practitioner, the power of commitment, and refuge establishing confidence in actuality. These methods enable us to journey beyond the constricting limits of hope, fear and boredom, by which we are habitually bound. The emphasis of this course will be on how to imbue your busy day with practice as a Tantric, non-monastic practitioner.

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