Battlecry of Freedom Study Group

Study group with Seng-ge Dorje

Class with Seng-ge Dorje

3pm Pacific Time (6pm Eastern, 11pm GMT)
ZOOM California
We will read through the book by Ngakma Nor’dzin Pamo with discussion of any questions that arise. “The Seven Points of Mind Training of Checkhawa Yeshé Dorje“ is a series of slogans which help guide practitioners on the path of “refining and purifying the mind, as well as training.” Ngakma Nor’dzin provides us with a fresh understanding of how to apply these slogans through her own example as a horse rider and yogini. The manner in which it is written allows the reader to experience her own practical application of the slogans and understanding of life as practice.

During the course, attendees are encouraged to ask questions. Anyone may attend regardless of experience with Buddhism.

Only through applying the teachings through trial and error can we come to understand how to practice and experience the freedom of embracing the opportunity to practice in each moment.

Attendees may feel inspired to offer a donation. If so, please do send donations via PayPal to (suggested amount: $15 — any sum appreciated/appropriate)

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