Aro Book Club, Western U.S.

Shock Amazement (Nov. 4 - Dec. 16)

Study group with Zér-mé Dri´mčd

This group will meet for six Wednesdays from November 4 to December 16, excluding November 25, from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. San Francisco time (GMT-8 hours).
Online, for details see text below

This book club will start with the book, Shock Amazement, by Khandro Déchen and Ngak’chang Rinpoche. The book approaches the practice of silent sitting as the preparatory practice, or ngöndro, for Dzogchen. It describes the four stages, or naljors, of this preparation (shi-nč, lhathong, nyi’mčd, and lhundrüp) and the four samadhis, or ting-ngé’dzin, that develop from these practices. The authors, as the Lineage Holders of the Aro gTér, are uniquely placed to describe what is ‘shocking’ and ‘amazing’ in gaining direct access to the nondual state.

We will spend the hour on Q and A and discussion of the book. If at all possible, please practice silent sitting for fifteen minutes before the sessions.


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