What is karma?

and how to change it

One-day event with M-tsal Wangmo and Ja'gyr Dorje

Saturday 20th July 2024 from 11.30am to 5pm with a break for lunch.
Both in the room at Aro Ling and on Zoom.
You are welcome to join the preceding in-person meditation session from 10am to 11am
Aro Ling
215A Gloucester Road
Bristol, UK
A day of teaching exploring 'karma' - what it is, and what we can do about it.

Karma in Buddhism is often misunderstood as a form of cosmic justice where you have to lie in the bed you have made whilst what goes around comes around and you get to reap what you sow
This view of karma as a locked-down, closed-loop system is a misinterpretation. Buddhism in fact teaches karma as perception and response where the root of karma is the misperceptions of the dualistic mind. Karma is a matter of habit; if we habitually act in certain ways we tend to view the world in corresponding ways, and all our experience is coloured by this view. We can change our karma - through changing our response - through aligning our perception with the non-dual state.


Suggested donation 15 or pay what you can afford.

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