Embracing Emotions as the Path

Teaching with Namgyal Dorje

Saturday April 1st
Shambhala Tibet Centre Budapest (http://www.tibet.hu)
10am until 6pm
Sambhala Tibet Center Budapest
Atilla út 123
Budapest, Hungary
Ngakpa Namgyal will speak about emotions as the powerful dimension of self-liberation, in which we can explode the banal confines of our addiction to the unending treadmill of mediocrity. He will introduce the startlingly simple and direct meditation method of Dzogchen trčk-chöd (khregs chod), through which we can realise the wisdom and energy of the primordial state. The nature of duality and non-duality will be explained in such a way as to break open the mechanism of delusion. Once seen, this delusion – the ‘dictator of neuroses’ – can never again suppress our natural dignity. Having seen the cyclic patterns of duality laid bare we are offered a vision of freedom from the self-defeating strategies that rule our lives.
“We are often taught that emotion, especially strong emotion, is something to be avoided, abandoned or suppressed. This is particularly true within many spiritual traditions. However the teachings of Tantra are not for those without strong emotions. ‘Licking honey from the razor’s edge’ requires absolute precision. The motivation to do so requires absolute passion. As practitioners we do not seek to become emotionless robots, pseudo-spiritual automatons projecting a false ‘niceness’ into the world for fear of being seen as possessing ‘negative’ emotions. Tantrikas live their lives as vivid and vibrant 3D High Definition surround-sound fully rounded human beings, bursting with life, energy and vivacity.”
“As tantrikas, grounded in the practice of spaciousness, we can see emotions as the basis for liberation: a vivid opportunity to experience the non-dual state in every waking moment. Inner Tantra sees our emotions as a dynamic means of finding ourselves face to face with the brilliant spaciousness of our Being.”
Ngakpa Namgyal

Recommended books:
Roaring Silence (Ngakpa Chogyam & Khandro Khandro Déchen)
Spectrum of Ecstasy (Ngakpa Chogyam & Khandro Dechen)
The Crystal and the Way of Light (Namkha’i Norbu Rinpoche).

Cost 20 Euros concessionary rate. 50 Euros standard rate.

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