Online Retreat: Yogic Song

Teachings and Practice

Weekend event with Déwang Pamo and Traktung Dorje

Thursday, November 12th to Saturday, November 14th 2020

Morning practice on all three days from 7:45 to 8:45 a.m. (Central European Time)
Teachings/Q&A on all three days from 5:30-7:00 p.m.(Central European Time)
Online, for details see text below
We have been singing and sounding since we were born - it is our nature to make our voice heard, regardless of whether we believe we can sing or not.

Yogic song - the practice of Dzogchen gar-dang - enables us to discover our natural resonance with the dimension of sound as a method of meditation. The yogic melodies of the Aro gTér are lyrical and dramatic, powerful and tender.

This special method of meditation invigorates our subtle energies and explodes the confines of conventional reality. Sound, breath and awareness jointly open up new, joyful dimensions of being.
Through the practice of yogic song, we can eventually experience spontaneous insight into the nature of mind and find the presence of awareness in the referenceless dimension of our being.

During this retreat, Ngakma Déwang and Naljorpa Traktung will teach selected vajra melodies from the Aro gTér and the associated practice methods. Morning practice will allow time and space to practice together and deepen our understanding, based on experience.

“The sounds of the flight of the vulture are methods of practice. The great, white vulture glides effortlessly beyond the reach and limits of our imagination. Through these movements the mind finds itself in its own free space. The vulture is not afraid of great heights because the sky is its natural home." Khandro Déchen

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Participation is free of charge for all members of the Aro gTér Sangha.
All others are kindly asked to donate via PayPal to whatever they are inspired and able to give.

All teachings and explanations will be given in English and German. Please get in touch with the organizer to register and if you have any questions. Login-Details for the Zoom-sessions will be sent out after registration.