Zoom Apprentice Retreat w/solitary retreat

For apprentices only - not open to the public

Retreat with Seng-ge Dorje

June 8-13
ZOOM California
A Zoom apprentice retreat with Ngakpa Seng-ge Dorje which will run from

June 8-13.

Given the current environment, it is of course impossible to travel long distance or stay at a retreat facility. So this will be a Zoom retreat with a twist! Attendees will have the option of observing a solitary retreat schedule, while meeting each day via Zoom.

Retreatants will have the following option:

Attend observing a solitary retreat schedule and attend Zoom sessions

Attend Zoom sessions, keep as many practice sessions as is possible, while making time when necessary for your other life commitments — most flexible option.

Attend Zoom sessions, while not observing any part of a solitary retreat schedule.

Every retreatant have the latest copy of the Aro Tradition practice book and Rinpoche’s new book, Goodbye Forever.

The retreat schedule will be set so that people on the West and East coast of the United States will be able to attend the greatest number of Zoom sessions. The solitary retreat schedules will be customized by time zone so that anyone can engage in the retreat, but due to time zone differences, it could be that some attendees will not be able to attend all of the Zoom sessions.

What I need to know is who would like to attend the retreat, and of those, who would like to observe the solitary retreat, and who will attend the Zoom sessions, but not observe the solitary retreat. To make things simple, anyone who would like to observe as many of the solitary retreat sessions as possible, but may need flexibility with the schedule, can simply observe as many sessions as possible.

Again, if you are interested, explain to what extent you would like to be involved, and I will create a list of interested people.

Much Love,

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Interested apprentices should email Ngakpa Seng-ge Dorje at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it