ONLINE Apprentice Retreat

Teachings from the Ling Gésar gTér and Aro gTér

Apprentices only with Bar-ché Dorje and Mé-sèl Gyalmo

Friday June 26 -- 2:30pm till 4pm (New York time)
Saturday June 27 -- 1pm till 3pm (New York time)
Sunday June 28 -- 1pm till 3pm (New York time)

[Descriptions of apprentice-only events are available only to logged-in members of the Sangha.]


The price is by donation:
People with lots of money can pay a lot.
People with little money can pay a little.
People with no money can pay nothing.

Information & Registration: Shardröl Wangmo This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it