Apprentice Retreat

Retreat with Shardröl Du-nyam Wangmo, Yeshé Zértsal and Chatral A´dzé

October 13 - 19
Aro Kha’jong - Aro Sky Meadow
273 Church Road
Livingston Manor, NY, US
The October retreat will have teachings by Ngakma Yeshé and Naljorma Chatral, and possibly others, in addition to Ngakma Shardröl. We will practice Drala, sKu-mNyé, sem'dzin and phurba dance. Apprentices will also have the chance to start learning some Tibetan and Tibetan calligraphy, and of course there will be plenty of time for craft work. On the penultimate day of the retreat we will practice Tsog'khorlo outdoors in the manner of the Aro Gar and bask in the atmosphere of the largest, heaviest phurba on the planet.

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