Wearing the Body of Visions

Weekend event with Khandro Déchen and Ngak´chang Rinpoche

Evening of Friday 29th November to afternoon of Sunday 1st December 2019
Treowen House
Wales, NP25 4DL, UK
This weekend explores the rich and dramatic symbolism of inner Tantra, through practices of vision, yogic song, chant, mudra, and Tantric music. The weekend includes a slide presentation of rare Tantric paintings, rites, and symbolic dances. The Lamas explain the meaning of symbolism in such a way as to unlock a field of language. Symbolism may be mysterious in the way it conveys what it conveys – but it is a language which can be learnt and a tool with which we can come to understand the intrinsic beauty of all beings. The peaceful, joyous, and wrathful awareness-beings (yidams, or meditational deities) are the key to both to personal dignity and to perceiving the dignity of others. These three categories cover every human body type – and in so doing, release us from the bondage of societal sanction with regard to how we appear.

“From the perspective of enlightenment, we are symbols of ourselves. As symbols, we can journey into the enlightened textures of realisation through the practice of envisionment. Envisionment enables us to discover what we always knew – that we were beyond the limits of hope, fear, and boredom. To receive empowerment is to be struck by lightning in the gentlest possible manner. It is to be burnt by searing kindness, into nothing but what we actually are.”

Ngak’chang Rinpoche

Cost £150 including accommodation and meals.

For more information or to book a place please contact Mé-tsal on This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or 07505 569680

All Aro gTer retreats are non-smoking events. Smokers are welcome to attend, but in accordance with Nyingma teaching, and Vajrayana Buddhism in general, we require participants to desist from the smoking of tobacco for the entire duration of the retreat – both on or off the premises where retreats are held. Tobacco in any form should not be brought to the retreat.