What Enlightenment

Looks Like

The 14 Root Vows

Weekend event with Ngak´chang Rinpoche

Friday, March 15th
Saturday, March 16th
Sunday, March 17th

Aro Kha’jong - Aro Sky Meadow
273 Church Road
Livingston Manor, NY, US

The 14 Root Vows are the primary practice of Vajrayana Buddhism. They give us relief from the urge to control whatever the situation is in our life. It is said that it is impossible to keep the vows unless one has attained enlightenment. Because of this, the practice is to continually return to the vows, never giving up on keeping them, even when we make mistakes.

In addition to the teaching on the 14 Root Vows, Ngak'chang Rinpoche will give the empowerments of Padmasambhava and Yeshé Tsogyel, and also the hair, rings, and earrings empowerment to those who wish to receive them.


Cost: Non-residential $150
Price includes Saturday breakfast, lunch & dinner, and Sunday breakfast

For more information, or to register, please write to:

Chatral A'dzé at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

All Aro gTer retreats are non-smoking events. Smokers are welcome to attend, but in accordance with Nyingma teaching, and Vajrayana Buddhism in general, we require participants to desist from the smoking of tobacco for the entire duration of the retreat – both on or off the premises where retreats are held. Tobacco in any form should not be brought to the retreat.