Sky weaving


Workshop with Sh-zr Khandro

Saturday 23rd March 2019
10am - 4pm
The Chaplaincy Cottage
Falmouth University, Penryn Campus,Treliever Road,TR10 9FE
Location 11 on linked map
Penryn , Cornwall, UK
The practice of Sky Weaving is called 'Namkha' in Tibetan, which means 'sky' or 'dimension'. This meditation practice involves weaving 'skies' of coloured wool, which link our energy with the energy of the elements, through the Tantric craft of sound and vision. The beauty of the Sky Weaving, which is empowered through mantra, magnetises personal 'demons'(neuroses, fears and obsessions) and releases them within the skies of each element. In Tantra we talk of the 'skies' of the five elements; earth, water, fire, air and space. Each element is a sky (dimension) of meaning, and each element is associated with an emotional confusion and a liberated energy. During the day you will make your own skyweaving under the guidance of Ngakma Sh-zr.

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