The 8 Great Escapes

exploring the essential multiplicity of individuality through the audacious guises of the second Buddha

One-day event with Ngak´chang Rinpoche and Khandro Déchen

Saturday 2nd June 2018 from 10.30am to 5.30pm
Ja'ying Takmo Ling
Dursley, Gloucestershire, UK
The Eight Manifestations—or names—of Padmakara are modes through which the essential nondual state of the individual can be communicated by the Lama. These modes employ an existential theatre which short circuits the crippling corsetry of circuitry. The Lama is the preëminent circumstantial innovator – the one who has the nondual insight to employ whatever is there to precipitate realisation: from serene intimation to chaotic catharsis.
Ngak’chang Rinpoche and Khandro Déchen will introduce these modes through stories of their own Lamas – exploring the Vajrayana visionary practices of each of the eight manifestations: Pema Gyalpo – the Lotus Prince; Pema Jung-né (Padmasambhava); Shakya Seng-gé – the Lion of the Sakyas; Ögyen Tso-kyé Dorje Chang – the lake-born thunderbolt; Nyima ’ö-Zér – the yogi who transcends time; Seng-gé Dradog – the Lion of Irrefutable Argument; Loden Chog-sč – the vajra emperor; and Dorje Tröllö – the Lama of Primordial Awareness-Chaos (commonly known as Crazy Wisdom).
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Ł40 to include lunch, concessions available.

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All Aro gTer retreats are non-smoking events. Smokers are welcome to attend, but in accordance with Nyingma teaching, and Vajrayana Buddhism in general, we require participants to desist from the smoking of tobacco for the entire duration of the retreat – both on or off the premises where retreats are held. Tobacco in any form should not be brought to the retreat.