Get that Insane Ape off your Back!

Teaching with Namgyal Dorje

Wednesday 23rd May 2018
From 7pm to 9pm
Clarence House
Clarence Street
Ground floor - Conference Room
Penzance, Cornwall, UK
‘ . . . to be at the mercy of conflicting emotions is described in the Buddhist tantras as ‘having an insane ape on your back’. The ape demands you go one way, by raking your flanks with its spurs – whilst also demanding the exact opposite, with severe jerks to the bit in your bleeding mouth. The alternative is meditation – in which non-dual awareness allows the ape to become your best friend.’
Ngak’chang Rinpoche

Emotions become problematic when they are driven into complexity and conflict with one another through thinking. This teaching explores the Tantric psychology of the elements and their associated emotions, and also the Dzogchen method of liberating these emotions into the rainbow of enlightened energy. Learn how to welcome the opportunity to embrace emotions within meditation: strong emotions make meditation more difficult, but also more powerful, so working with them accelerates progress.

Understanding the elements and our emotions, and learning a better way to relate to emotions in meditation, can transform our experience of everyday life, making us both happier and more pleasant to be around.

Come and find out how to get that insane ape off your back and experience life as a spectrum of ecstasy!
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No charge , but a voluntary donation of £5-£10 will help cover the cost of venue hire and teacher travel.

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