The Art of Trust

The Teacher-Student-Relationship in Vajrayana Buddhism

Weekend event with Déwang Pamo and Traktung Dorje

Friday March 16th 6pm to 8pm
Saturday March 17th 10am to 6pm
Sunday March 18th 10am to 2pm
Drikung Phuntsog Choling
Fleischmarkt 16/1
Vienna, Austria
What do we found our trust on – and do we actually know how to trust anyone anymore? Can we trust ourselves? This weekend will give an introduction to the heart of Vajrayana – the relationship with the vajra master. The vajra master is indispensable within Vajrayana, and at the same time the one aspect of Vajrayana that is most misunderstood in the West.

It is therefore of vital importance for anyone wantingto follow this specific Buddhist path to develop a well-founded understanding of the function of the teacher-student-relationship.

How do I recognize if a teacher is authentic? Which requirements should the student live up to? What is the meaning of devotion? What can I do when problems arise? How react to abuse? We want to give ourselves time and space to develop a clearer understanding, all questions are emphatically welcome.

These teachings are offered for anyone who is seeking to enter the stream of Vajrayana, or to further develop their understanding. Participants are not expected to seek Ngakma Déwang and Naljorpa Traktung Dorje as their vajra master.

“Without the Lama, Buddha, Dharma and Sangha do not exist. This is because someone has to exemplify the path. A path is all well and good; but if you cannot see anyone who has lived that, if you cannot see anyone who in some way exemplifies the fruit of that path, then what inspiration is there?”
- Ngak’chang Rinpoche

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Cost: Friday: 30 Euro
Weekend: 150 Euro
Reduced fees available on request.

Ngakpa Garwang Dorje
Phone: 0699-10534094
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All Aro gTer retreats are non-smoking events. Smokers are welcome to attend, but in accordance with Nyingma teaching, and Vajrayana Buddhism in general, we require participants to desist from the smoking of tobacco for the entire duration of the retreat – both on or off the premises where retreats are held. Tobacco in any form should not be brought to the retreat.