Be Right Here, Right Now

Teaching with Sh-zr Khandro

Tuesday 28th November 7-9pm
Clarence House
Clarence Street
Ground floor - Conference Room
Penzance, Cornwall, UK
We spend most of our time thinking rather than experiencing, and this thinking is usually past or future orientated. We are either re-living the past negatively or nostalgically, or we are projecting into the future with anxiety or fantasy. If we do manage to be in the present, then our thoughts are either providing us with a running commentary or passing judgement on the moment. This lack of presence and awareness means that we miss most of what life has to offer the raw texture of experience as it is.

How exciting and refreshing would it be to see, hear and feel the world without our habitual thought patterns and reactions getting in the way? To find ourselves alive, awake and crackling with creative energy in every moment?

This evening we will explore the Buddhist practices which can help us to stay in the present moment - and what it means to be a vibrant and engaged Buddhist.

Suggested donation 5

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