Meditation Group

Meditation group

20th March 7:00pm
Holland Park London
74 Holland Park
London, London, UK
You are welcome to join the group whether you have no experience of meditation, or have an established sitting practice. It is always supportive to meditate with other practitioners and helps us maintain our meditation practice. Attend regularly or occasionally - you will always be welcomed.

The group is led by an ordained practitioners: Ngakma Sang-gye A-tsal. The 90 minute session will be broken up into several short periods of practice and will include silent sitting, yogic song, and some brief teaching. Occasionally an introduction to other aspects of practice may be offered such as a demonstration of Tibetan yoga.

Please wear comfortable clothing.

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A donation of 5 is requested

Sang-gye A-tsal 07552 576 121 This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it