Physical practices of the Aro Buddhist tradition

Practice group with Thrin-lé Chatral

6pm to 7pm
Bristol Aro Ling
Hamilton House
Stokes Croft
Bristol, Somerset, UK
The Jong Dar are the physical practices of the Aro Buddhist tradition, encapsulating sKu-mNyé, sPrul’khor and Ying’khor. Based on psycho-physical systems from the series of Dzogchen long-dé, they explore our intrinsic pervasive energy, dynamic drive and enthusiasm.

They consist of exercises that are quite unlike other systems of movement or exercise. They do not resemble yoga, dance, T’ai Ch’i, or martial arts, and range from gentle to exceedingly difficult. Some can be performed by almost everyone. Others are used by boxers and other athletes in an exercise regimen requiring extreme strength, flexibility, coordination, and aerobic exertion.

£5, concession £3

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