Monthly Sunday ‘tsog khorlo, followed by Crafternoon session

Apprentices only

Practice group with Mé-tsal Wangmo

The sessions will start at 11am on these days:

21st February
20th March
17th April
15th May
19th June
17th July
None in August due to retreats.
18th September
16th October
20th November
Ja'ying Takmo Ling
Dursley, Gloucestershire, UK
Tsok is probably the most important Vajrayana ritual practice. (It is also called “feast practice,” tsog, tshogs khor lo, puja, ganapuja, ganachakra, or variants of these.)

Tsok literally means “community”. The ritual expresses the sacred bond among members of the sangha. The generosity of this bond is then extended to everyone and everything, everywhere. Within tsok, we view ourselves, each other, and all beings as Buddhas. We view all things as infinitely sacred—even those that are conventionally impure or disgusting. This vision is the essential practice of inner tantra—made especially explicit in tsok.

The details of tsok vary from lineage to lineage. Typically it includes singing, dancing, a feast, the reading of a liturgy (ritual text), mantra recitation, the creation of a physical and visualized mandala, and offerings.

The Aro tsok is our lineage’s most elaborate ritual. It includes all the elements listed above. The liturgy is based on the three kayas: the modes of existence of Buddhas. The dharmakaya is the mode of enlightened potential. The sambhogakaya is the mode of visionary energy. The nirmanakaya is the mode of flesh and blood, physical existence. The Aro tsok liturgy is a poetically inspiring explanation of ways we can “live the view” and manifest the three kayas in reality.

Lunch will form part of the practice, and there is then the option to stay on for the afternoon and address those many outstanding craft and sewing projects. An opportunity to make shawls, file bells, sew cases, make drum handles, tails etc… no shortage of projects here if you have none of your own.

Cost: TBA

To book, please contact Mé-tsal Wangmo on 07505 569 680 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it