The Damtsig Chu-zhi - the fourteen root vows of Vajrayana

This study group is for apprentices only

Study group with Mé-tsal Wangmo

3pm to 6pm on these days:
6th March
3rd April
1st May
5th June
3rd July
7th August
4th September
2nd October
6th November
4th December
Ja'ying Takmo Ling
Dursley, Gloucestershire, UK
These sessions are open to all of those who are working towards gö kar chang lo ordination. We shall look at each of the vows in turn, starting with an introduction, so this will take us 15 months.

The session will be from 3pm to 6pm, including some practice, teaching and discussion. Anyone who would then like to stay on for dinner will be very welcome.

"The Lama is the only person in your life who cannot be manipulated. The Lama is the invasion of unpredictability you allow into your life, to enable you to cut through the convolutions of interminable psychological and emotional processes." "Vajra commitment nearly always reflects what is possible within a society. As far as we are personally concerned – those who request us to perform the rôle of vajra master need have no fear of unkindness, immorality, illegality, or unethical behaviour of any kind. The only thing we have to fear from any Lama is that our dualism will be destroyed." — Ngak’chang Rinpoche & Khandro Déchen

Cost: TBA

To book, please contact Mé-tsal Wangmo on 07505 569 680 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it